Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jeremy Lin: Rockets Must Trade for Dwight Howard to Maximize Lin's Value - Bleacher Report

Linsanity will be non-existent without Dwight Howard.

The Houston Rockets rocked the NBA by stealing Jeremy Lin from the New York Knicks this offseason. While they’re guaranteed to sell tickets with Lin in town, if they actually want to contend too, they must trade for Howard.

Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld reported that the Rockets are indeed expected to steal Omer Asik from the Chicago Bulls as well.

And according to Tony Mejia of Pro Basketball News, that won’t stop them from negotiating with the Orlando Magic to acquire Dwight Howard.

Houston has done a solid job this offseason of surrounding Lin with young talent that can put the ball in the basket. Jeremy Lamb is a capable downtown shooter and Terrence Jones and Royce White finish well at the rim. But they still don’t possess a big man that’s a legitimate threat in the pick and roll.

Lin is a player that needs the ball in his hands to succeed. According to, only 24 percent of his field goals were assisted last season. He’s going to create most of the Rockets offense, but in order to maximize his valueâ€"to truly unleash Linsanityâ€"Houston needs a dominant pick-and-roll big like Lin had in NYC with Tyson Chandler and Amar'e Stoudamire.

Howard is just that.

Will Houston acquire D12?

Will Houston acquire D12?

  • Yes

  • No

Outside of Wilt Chamberlain himself, no center in NBA history boasts D12’s freakish athleticism. He and Lin would form an unstoppable pick-and-roll duo. Houston would instantly become a playoff contender, and who knowsâ€"maybe more than that if all of their new pieces mesh well.

But without Howard or even another respectable pick-and-roll big in the fold, they won’t sniff the postseason. Kevin Martin is the only accomplished veteran on the entire team. The Rockets have made plenty of noise this summer, but if they actually want to be heard during the regular season, they won’t stop.

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