Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Houston Rockets: Don't Get It Twisted, Robert Horry's Legend Was Born in ... - Bleacher Report

Everybody knows about Robert Horry and how great he was in the clutch.

His seven championship rings make him a modern day mini-Bill Russell if you will.

We naturally tend to remember what we've seen most recently or in some cases what we've seen the most.

Let's just take a minute and look back beyond that.

Take a second and reflect on this play from the 1992-93 postseason. A newly retired Magic Johnson is on the mic. That lets you know how old school Big Shot Bob's legend really is.

Houston went on to lose this game and series. As we know, the Chicago Bulls beat the Phoenix Suns to complete their first three-peat.

But Horry was getting warmed up for the first of his many contributions to Houston's back-to-back title runs in '94 and '95.

When we think of Horry most recently, we think of his performance in The Finals against the Detroit Pistons where he helped the San Antonio Spurs win the title in 2007.

When we think of Horry's signature play, we see Vlade Divac tapping the ball out of the paint in an attempt to kill the clock, only to have Horry drain the three that helped his Los Angeles Lakers survive the Sacramento Kings.

There's also that little hip check of Steve Nashâ€"gotta be fair and bring that up.

It would have been nice to see Big Shot Bob do all these things in a Rockets uniform, yes even the hip check.  But it wasn't to be.

It was cool looking back at his Houston roots, where his clutch reputation was born.

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