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Houston Texans Stadium Guide: Reliant Stadium - Yahoo! Sports

With the arrival of football season it's time to put on your red, white and blue and head to Reliant Stadium to show what Houston Texans fans can do. But before you head out to the stadium for tailgating, pregame activities and some of the NFL's finest football players, there are a few things you may want to know.

Stadium name: Reliant Stadium is home to the Houston Texans.


It is located at 1 Reliant Parkway, Reliant Park, Houston, TX. It was among the first in what has become a trend in stadiums, with one feature that many more stadiums could use: a retractable roof which can be adjusted to provide the very best in fan experiences.

Maximum capacity: Seating 71,500 it was also home to Super Bowl XXXVII.

Year built:

Reliant Stadium opened in 2002.


Just like with many NFL games, parking can be problematic, with season ticket holders receiving the prime property parking closest to the stadium. But that doesn't dampen the spirits of Texans fans, there are still many parking lots located within a short walking distance of the stadium for the price of approximately $20.00. If you plan on tailgating in the season ticket holder parking areas, make sure you know the tailgating policies and procedures before you go and travel together if you have a group wanting to spend time together before the game.

Food: Diehard fans can dine before the game at the many conveniently located restaurants or set up their tailgating party in one of the many parking lots assigned for football games. Even the food at Reliant Stadium is bigger, with an assortment of tried and true gameday menu items from burgers and fries to hotdogs. It wouldn't be Texas if the stadium didn't offer fans and families barbeque to nachos and look for plenty of snacks. Of course there are also peanuts and popcorn.

Beer: Being a Texans fan can be thirsty work and Reliant Stadium prepares to quench every thirst. Prices range from approximately $4.75 for bottles of water and sodas to 24-oz. domestic beer for approximately $7.50, while premium is approximately $10.75. Drinks containing liquor are available at select locations throughout the stadium and prices range. Texas beers are featured and unless you are a diehard beer snob, you can find an enjoyable assortment from Budweiser to Shiner.

Insider tips: Don't plan on taking anything with you, as we found out Reliant Stadium does perform bag searches and anything other than baby bag items won't be permitted in. This includes strollers and car seats. But don't take that to mean that Reliant Stadium is not family friendly. It is actually one of the most attractive activities for families during the football season. Even my young daughters want to go to the game.

Attending games is not that easy. We have spent several weeks trying to find tickets to a game, so remember they sell out early. If you have a specific team you are looking forward to seeing them play it is important to purchase your tickets early, which range from $45 -$500. Remember, the Houston Texans have had 100 consecutive sellouts.

Everyone wants to take pictures of their visit to Reliant Stadium, and it can be fun, but there are a number of rules regarding cameras and use so be sure to review those policies, before you go. The most important policy is that no cameras that record (even digital) are permitted in the stadium during Texans games.

Each year our family puts on their red, white and blue to cheer on the hometown Houston Texans, and while we would love to celebrate each one of these games at the stadium that isn't always possible. That doesn't stop us fans; we just find a whole new place to cheer!


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