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Daryl Morey: Houston Rockets “Probably Not Going To Win The Title Next year” - Dime Magazine

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Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey joined the “The J&R Show” with Josh Innes and Rich Lord on Sports Radio 610 in Houston on Thursday after Jeremy Lin’s introductory press conference to discuss the Rockets and the team’s future. The interview was pretty innocuous to start, but Morey insisted that the hosts throw him some tougher questions. That’s when things got a little feisty. Innes badgered Morey on the team’s .500 record over the last few seasons â€" not bad enough to gain any top draft picks, but not good enough to contend for titles, either. Innes then pointed out that the Rockets are far from title contention, and here’s how Morey responded:

“29 out of 30 teams every year are disappointed so you can move yourself to any freaking city and make that same comment.

“So you’re brilliant. We’re probably not going to win the title next year. You can be in almost any NBA city and you’re going to be right about that, so that’s a great comment.”

Morey’s probably right, but at the very least most teams are trying to build contenders from the ground up or tinkering with championship-level rosters. The Rockets have been stuck in that awkward in-between. For all his analytic skill and prestige, he hasn’t exactly built a team with long-term championship viability. There’s still time, with a Dwight Howard trade in the mix of possibilities, but for the short term questioning Morey’s more recent decisions should not be out-of-bounds.

But let’s give credit where credit is due: Morey asked for tougher questions and welcomed transparency. Now let’s see if James Dolan follows in his footsteps.

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